A bit harsh, but fair question. Long story short, BIRBZ is a place for me to share my bird photography with the world, while doing so in a way that can create impact in my community.


Long story long(er): BIRBZ was created as an outlet for my new-found pandemic hobby of birdwatching. While some made sourdough, and others took up Animal Crossing, I sat in my bedroom-turned-home-office and watched as various birbz took perch upon the tree outside my window — something I had never before paid any mind to.

This new interest turned into quite the passion, as I refamiliarized myself with my trusty DSLR and learned about birbz that were previously unknown to me. But I knew the collection of photos I was amassing couldn’t just be left to decay on an SD card. So I devised BIRBZ as a way to share my collection with the world.

At the same time, my eyes were starting to open to the reality of life in this city. Countless injustices plague Minneapolis, from the acute (George Floyd was murdered in the street just a dozen blocks from me, as one light example) to the ongoing and systemic (such as the repeated terrorizing of unhoused citizens by the city). Obviously I can’t solve all this with some cute birb pics, but I can put my passion to use and spread the love to some amazing organizations and collectives doing truly restorative work in the Twin Cities.